Rie Oshimoto

押本 理恵

押本 理映(理学療法士)

Representative of FuncPhysio Tokyo
Physical therapist (Saitama Medical University)
Expected to to complete CFMT in 2019, a condition for IPA-certification.

From Kanagawa Prefecture. From the age of 3, she learned classical ballet. When she turned 15 years old, she went to the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet in Russia to study for a short time. In 2007, she entered the inaugural class of the Department of Physical Therapy in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Saitama Medical University. In the second year, she completed the Mulligan Concept of manual therapy in Perth, Australia. Having graduated from the same university in 2011 with excellent grades, she acquired a national physical therapist’s license. In the same year, she became employed at a university hospital, and conducted rehabilitation programs for people of various ages from acute phase to convalescence, for 4 years. In 2015, she visited the United States, and participated in medical training programs at New York University Harkness Dancers Injury and FuncPhysio Physical Therapy. While learning techniques from Yohei Takada at FuncPhysio Physical Therapy, she took numerous manual therapy classes at the Institute Physical Arts (hereafter IPA) for the pelvis, upper body, lower body, neuromuscular disease, etc. She is scheduled to take CFMT in 2019, the IPA-certification test. Having returned to Japan in summer, 2017, she became the representative at FuncPhysio Tokyo. Qualifications, etc. BPT, CFMT (scheduled for completion) Bachelor of Physiotherapy: Physical therapist Certified Functional Manual Therapist: CFMT certification (scheduled for completion)


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