ABOUT FuncPysio

FuncPhysio NY

is the most advanced physical therapy clinic in all of the United States.

ABOUT FuncPhysio NY

FuncPhysio NY

▲I wanted to help advance physical therapy in Japan, my homeland. With this goal, I have been working hard to teach my skills to many Japanese trainees. (pictured: New York main clinic)

FuncPhysio is a physical therapy clinic located in the heart of Manhattan, New York. Approved by many celebrities, our special skills are now available in Japan.
We relieve painful sensations in the body, including stiff shoulders and lower back pain.
We also offer preventive care for athletes who want to achieve better performance.
There are many things that can be done to prevent serious symptoms from arising.

It is not legally permitted in Japan for a physical therapist to open a clinic yet. Nonetheless, we provide top-level technologies acknowledged in the United States, the most advanced country in physical therapeutics, in Japan. Our ideal is to help as many as patients as possible, who suffer from pain, or have trouble moving certain parts of their bodies.

In order to take preventive measures and offer treatment to fix the roots of their problems, we decided to open our Tokyo branch office with a self-pay system (not covered by insurance).

FuncPhysio Tokyo is a clinic that provides personalized treatments that are both preventive and conditioning for the whole body. In the form of private practice in Japan, it offers treatments through therapists who have physical therapist’s licenses in Japan, as well as specialized skills acquired at FuncPhysio’s main hospital in New York.

However, the treatments themselves are quite unlike those offered in general osteopathy or chiropractic clinics.
The methods are unique to FuncPhysio, which have been created by Yohei Takada, the general director, who has deep medical knowledge of the human body including the skeleton, muscles, nerves, circulatory organs, as well as licenses in all kinds of manual therapy.

We will explore the cause of the pain from a medical perspective, and treat the whole body as a single functioning organ, instead of focusing only on the specific areas of pain.

The best clinic in New York

FuncPhysio is a physical therapy clinic located in the heart of New York. It is frequented by many professional golfers, dancers, and celebrities, who come to be treated by the general director, Yohei Takada, who is a holder of many rare careers and licenses. In 2015, it was selected by Opencare.com as the best physical therapy clinic.

Top-level techniques in all of the United States

General director Yohei Takada is the first Asian honor graduate from Columbia University’s physical therapy doctorate program. Following his graduation, he learned many new techniques to become a top-level therapist. He now holds both OCS* and SCS* licenses, an extremely rare case even in America. He is currently teaching as a visiting professor at a university.

Covers every therapy method

Having acquired various manual therapy licenses from numerous schools, Yohei Takada has a set of rare skills even in the United States. Func Approach is a product of his extensive knowledge of the human body, as well as his abundant clinical experience.
With his method, we accurately analyze the condition of the patient, and guide them to recover from their pain and physical condition in the most effective way.


Physical therapy

Physical therapists are experts who help diagnose movement patterns and physical functions, and assist in improving physical performance.

Our knowledge and expertise in Western medicine will be helpful
to those who were unable to see results from regular chiropractic therapy or massages.
Physical therapy techniques, in general,can help relieve pain in muscles,
joints, and nerves, and address the root of the problem.
It is effective for the following symptoms and cases.
  • 1. Pain, such as joint and muscle pain
  • 2. Rehabilitation after surgery
  • 3. Pain due to injury or accident
  • 4. Injury from repetitive motion
  • 5. Disorders such as stroke, brain injury, disability following nerve injury, late effects
  • 6. Problem in posture / ergonomics
  • 7. Chronic pain
  • 8. Pelvic problems
  • 9. Inflexible body
  • 10. Balancing Issues
  • 11. Improvement of physical functions
  • 12. Enhancement of exercise performance, prevention of injury


Func Approach

We should not forget that pain in the body or disorder concerns not only a specific part, but the entire body. With Func Approach, we conduct various associated treatments from the head to the tip of the finger to help the patient recover their correct, original body movement and posture.

Unlike ordinary chiropractic treatment, Func Approach is a method of evaluation and treatment developed through the knowledge of Western medicine. Yohei Takada, the general director, who acquired various methods of medical treatment and science, has established his own evaluation method and style. For his unique methods, he receives support from many celebrities and athletes at his main clinic in New York.

Because Func Approach is effective in treating pain and disabilities arising from repeated movements in various sports, work, as well as aging, Yohei Takada teaches it to his apprentices at the New York headquarters, in hopes of helping as many people as possible.

We now invite you to try this Func Approach.
Please let us treat any pain you have had that could not be addressed by regular massages or chiropractic treatments.


Func Approach is highly effective in treating all kinds of physical functions,
from stiff shoulders, back pain, to sports and artistic activities.

The crucial difference between FuncPhysio and other medical institutions and clinics
is that we do not end with a partial treatment of the body.
Instead, we analyze the movement patterns, and the disorders of the entire body before treatment.

Finding the cause and asymmetry (distortion) that are inhibiting your body’s functions
is the key to bringing out your body’s full potential.
With Func Approach, we first thoroughly analyze the functions of each individual’s body
to identify the cause of pain and disorder.
After treating the patient, we organize a training program tailored to the individual.
This kind of detailed analysis of the entire body leads to solving stubborn issues in the body,
or effectively improving the body’s exercise functions.
Knowing your own body, and what to do to treat the disorder you have are not only useful for preventing future injuries,
but also crucial for preventing pain from developing through aging.


A golf swing is determined by the golfer’s physical abilities.
Suppose, for example, that you have taken a lesson from a professional golfer. However, you find it difficult to hit as you were taught.Why? There may be a problem with your physical ability (stiff joints, rigid muscles, weakness in core muscles, etc).
If you really want to improve your swing, it is best to fix all the problems in your body first. Then, you can learn how to change your swing form by being taught by a good instructor.
In FuncPhysio, we help you find problems in your physical abilities, and show you how to improve them. Also, these processes are key to preventing future injuries, and aid you in rehabilitation.


The physical therapists at FuncPhysio are specialists in diagnosing the problems of the entire body, and in improving them.
Since running is a whole-body exercise, it is necessary to diagnose and improve the function of the entire body to improve your performance. Unfortunately, this is generally overlooked by the public; most people focus on caring for the lower limbs, such as the waist, knees, and feet. For example, it is rare for people to visit a clinic to enhance their lung capacity to improve their cardio workout. However, to improve your running performance, it is rather crucial to expand your lung capacity by improving the movement of the ribs and the diaphragm.

Kaho Ogawa, American Ballet Theatre
American Ballet Theatre Corps de Ballet Kaho Ogawa

Dancers, Singers

Behind a dancers’ extraordinary performance, there is a solid foundation that combines incredible flexibility, a strong core, and strength. Their agility, sense of spatial motion, explosive power, and motor control that unfold on the stage are based on such a strong foundation. It goes without saying that their performance will be affected if this foundation was lost. Problem in this foundation creates compensatory movement, which may lead to injury.
Singers rely on efficient functions of the ribs, thoracic spine, TMJ (jaw), and diaphragm, besides their vocal cords. Lumbar / thoracic mobility and core stability play a major role in respiration, endurance, and posture. The function of the ribs and the diaphragm cannot be overlooked concerning respiration. If the functions of the lumbar spine, thoracic vertebra, and core become impaired, unnecessary force will be applied to the shoulder. This will result in problems using the diaphragm, which will cause various issues. Inevitably, the singer will suffer from a considerable decline in performance.

There are many Broadway dancers, professional ballerinas, and singers that come to FuncPhysio as patients, with a wide range of problems.
By understanding how to work with special body types, such as that of performers and musicians by treating them, we can find out and improve the weaknesses of the body system.
A comprehensive treatment and improvement program by physical therapists are very important not only for improving performance, but also for rehabilitation from injury.



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